The Week In Social

March 3, 2015
 The week in social

Happy Friday, everyone! What an exciting week it has been with Facebook rolling out new ad units and announcing some more changes. Never a dull moment for Facebook Marketers! 
Here is a round up of the latest social advertising news and a few tips for finding and serving the right customers through social media.


Facebook goes live with the new Right Hand Side ads

Facebook has finally started rolling out the much-awaited new right-hand column adverts, which will now be as large as news feed ads. This also means that there will be fewer of them, so they will naturally be more expensive per impression.

New multi-product ads and updated Website Custom Audiences for Facebook

Facebook has announced today that they will be adding new features to their Direct Response product: multi-product ads – where you can showcase 3 products within one ad unit – and additional targeting for Website Custom Audiences.


3 Facebook targeting options marketers need to know via Social Media Examiner

A few easy ways to pinpoint the best audience for your ads using Facebook’s targeting.

How to mine for quality, profitable users on Facebook via FBPPC

Another way of finding out which audiences are the best for you – let Facebook do all the initial work.

7 ways to serve your customers on Social Media after the sale via Kissmetrics

Social media is a crucial channel to connect with your customers, so don't waste the opportunity to listen to their questions.