Driftrock Convert helps The Escape Game increase Facebook ROAS by 18%

June 24, 2019

About The Escape Game

The Escape Game is America’s number one provider of escape room entertainment, with locations all across the country. Their adventures bring epic stories to life in a one-of-a-kind tactile experience.

The Objective  

The Escape Game wanted to use Driftrock’s Convert Technology to increase the number of players returning for a second game, as well as ensure all those that added a game to their cart came back to complete their purchase.

The Solution

Driftrock built a bespoke integration for The Escape Game, connecting up their Emma CRM account with Driftrock’s Convert Technology. This allowed The Escape Game’s marketing team to upload & sync bespoke CRM segments to Facebook as Custom Audiences, that Driftrock kept in sync every 3-hours.

The Results

Increased ROAS:

  • In comparison to standard Facebook Custom Audiences, automatic Driftrock Custom Audiences helped drive an 18% increase in ROAS.
  • The Escape Game’s ‘Abandoned Cart’ Campaign saw a 1:41 ROAS.
  • The Escape Game’s ‘Returning Players’ Campaign saw a 1:39 ROAS.


  • Driftrock helped increase website traffic from Facebook by 31%.
  • The Escape Game’s CPA decreased to $4 on average.
  • The Escape Game’s revenue from Facebook increased by 20.5%.

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"A really smooth process and really easy to set up. Driftrock has literally made my dreams come true. I thought the automation of Facebook custom audiences was not possible until I saw them and now it has unlocked countless avenues for our business. If anyone is serious about advertising on Facebook and Instagram, they need to invest in Driftrock."

- Daniel Daher, Digital Marketing Manager -

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