Driftrock Convert helps The Escape Game increase Facebook ROAS by 18%

About The Escape Game

The Escape Game is America’s number one provider of escape room entertainment, with locations all across the country. Their adventures bring epic stories to life in a one-of-a-kind tactile experience.

The Objective  

The Escape Game wanted to use Driftrock’s Convert Technology to increase the number of players returning for a second game, as well as ensure all those that added a game to their cart came back to complete their purchase.

The Solution

Driftrock built a bespoke integration for The Escape Game, connecting up their Emma CRM account with Driftrock’s Convert Technology. This allowed The Escape Game’s marketing team to upload & sync bespoke CRM segments to Facebook as Custom Audiences, that Driftrock kept in sync every 3-hours.

The Results

Increased ROAS:

  • In comparison to standard Facebook Custom Audiences, automatic Driftrock Custom Audiences helped drive an 18% increase in ROAS.
  • The Escape Game’s ‘Abandoned Cart’ Campaign saw a 1:41 ROAS.
  • The Escape Game’s ‘Returning Players’ Campaign saw a 1:39 ROAS.


  • Driftrock helped increase website traffic from Facebook by 31%.
  • The Escape Game’s CPA decreased to $4 on average.
  • The Escape Game’s revenue from Facebook increased by 20.5%.

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"A really smooth process and really easy to set up. Driftrock has literally made my dreams come true. I thought the automation of Facebook custom audiences was not possible until I saw them and now it has unlocked countless avenues for our business. If anyone is serious about advertising on Facebook and Instagram, they need to invest in Driftrock."

- Daniel Daher, Digital Marketing Manager -

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