What Audiences can I target on Facebook?

July 4, 2017

You're not short of choice when it comes to defining your target audience using Facebook ads.

Facebook offers a wealth of targeting options for your ads. Want to target 50 year old father’s who like eating yoghurt, and who support Liverpool FC? Or 25-34 year old female dog owners, who are recently engaged? Whoever your target audience is, it is likely you will be able to reach them on Facebook.

You can reach your audience via multiple methods, many of which you can combine, to either reach a wider audience, or to narrow it down. 

This includes:

Basic Demographics

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Language

Detailed targeting

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviours

Custom Audiences

  • Custom Audiences
  • Dynamic Custom Audiences
  • Website Custom Audiences
  • Engagement Audiences

Lookalike Audiences

  • From 1% to 10% with Facebook
  • Up to 20% using Driftrock Flow


  • Page Fans
  • App Users
  • Events
  • Friends of fans/app users

Check out the Driftrock Quick-Start Guide to Facebook targeting: https://www.driftrock.com/blog/driftrocks-quick-start-guide-to-facebook-targeting