Google Sheets Integration

Connect 20+ lead sources and integrate with Google Sheets in real time

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Companies that deal with a high volume of data may need a CRM or other marketing tools. However, if you're an SMB looking for a quick and efficient way to store and organise your lead data, Google Sheets can be a cost efficient alternative!

How to automate your lead gen machine with Driftrock

1. Connect Sources

Connect website lead forms and 20+ lead sources with Google Sheets.

2. Connect Google Sheets

Connect Driftrock with Google Sheets in a few clicks.

3. Optimize & track

Track every lead with from the source, ad and keyword automatically.

4. Nurture leads

Automatically sync leads to Google, Facebook and LinkedIn every 3 hours.

Capture more leads

Connect 20+ Lead Gen Sources

Browse the Driftrock Lead Capture library and connect high performing sources such as Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, TikTok Lead Gen Ads to Google Sheets.

Top integrations

Connect 20+ Lead Gen Sources
Convert more leads

Custom Audience Sync with Google, Facebook & LinkedIn

Nurture leads on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. Create automated lead syncs with Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match and LinkedIn Matched audiences for targeting, lookalikes and exclusions.

Custom Audience Sync with Google, Facebook & LinkedIn
Optimise for sales

Advanced tracking & reporting

Track every lead, ad, source or campaign through to a sale to better optimise your marketing activity.

Advanced tracking & reporting
Save time and resources

Advanced Lead Validation

Automatically validate leads from all your lead sources before syncing them to the Google Sheets. Validate emails, phone numbers and addresses for all your incoming leads, so only real in-market leads that have been cleansed and validated are sent through to your sales team.

Advanced Lead Validation

Build your lead generation machine with Driftrock and Google Sheets today!