How to connect your Facebook Page and Ad Account to Driftrock

Connect your Facebook Page and Ad Account to Driftrock to enable lead and audience sync

How do I connect my Facebook page and ad account to Driftrock?


To successfully connect your Facebook pages to Driftrock, please make sure:

  • The user connecting the Facebook page must be a page admin
  • Your must grant Driftrock all necessary permissions when connecting your page.
  • The user connecting the Facebook page must also have been granted 'lead access' in the Business Manager for the brand, if you have enabled Leads Access Manager. Find out more here.

Step 1) Once in the Driftrock app, navigate to 'Settings' and 'Connections'.

Step 2) In Connections, click the 'Connect+' button.

Step 3) Search for Facebook and select either Facebook Ad Account or Facebook Page. In order to use Driftrock lead sync, you'll need to connect your Facebook Page.

Step 4) Follow the credential process, selecting your page to complete the connection.

Step 5) If the connection process is successful, you will now see your page listed in Driftrock connections.

How To Send a Test Facebook Lead to Driftrock 

Before launching your Facebook lead generation campaign, it's important to submit a test lead to make sure that Driftrock is receiving your leads successfully, and that they will reach your CRM or database. 

To do this, you'll want to send Driftrock a test lead from Facebook, and this can be done in a few easy steps. 

Please see this guide on how to do this from start to finish: 

How to send a test Facebook lead to Driftrock