How to send a test Facebook lead to Driftrock

Why it's useful to send a test lead to Driftrock, and how to do it

Why should I send a test lead to Driftrock?

Before launching your Facebook lead generation campaign, it's important to submit a test lead to make sure that Driftrock is receiving your leads successfully, and that they will reach your CRM or database. To do this, you'll want to send Driftrock a test lead from Facebook, and this can be done in a few easy steps. You can also follow these steps to send a test lead for Instagram.

What do I need to do first?

Step 1

Make sure your page is connected to Driftrock.

Step 2

Create a Driftrock Facebook capture, selecting the form that you would like to use. Then set up the destination you would like to send leads to and proceed to the 'Review' stage.

Step 3

Make sure you finish your capture so that it no longer says 'Draft' in the name

How do I send a test Facebook lead to Driftrock?

In Facebook, navigate to the ad you have created and are looking to use to drive leads, then click the 'Share' button.

Select 'Share a link' and a pop up will appear with a URL.

Follow that URL, then click the 'Show Ad' button to show the ad in your Facebook feed.

Scroll down your feed to view the ad, click it, and submit a lead.

Your lead should then immediately arrive into your Driftrock capture, allowing you to check if it's successfully been sent to your lead destination, and make any last minute checks and changes.

I need to send another test lead, what do I do?

Using the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool, you can delete existing test leads, allowing you to send further leads to Driftrock. Just visit the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool here.

First select your Facebook page, then the form that you want to test. If you want to delete a lead, click the Delete lead button. To quickly create another lead, click Create lead.

What do I do if I can't see my test lead in Driftrock?

If you're unable to see your test lead in Driftrock, follow our troubleshooting guide here.