How to install website widgets

How to install the Driftrock website code to start triggering widgets on your website.

Once installed, you can trigger widgets to capture more leads from your website in minutes using the Driftrock interface.

To get started, you'll need to install the Driftrock code across all pages of your website.

1. Create your first Driftrock widget

a) Browse the Driftrock Lead Capture library.

b) Choose "Lead Generation Widgets".

c) Give your widget a descriptive name (it will show up in your reports).

2. Setup your widget

Follow the setups in the Capture wizard to build your widget.

3. Add the code to your website code (you only need to do this once for your first widget)

a) Click on the Overview tab in the Capture wizard.

b) Copy the code with your Driftrock ID replaced before the closing </body> tag.

c) Setup the rules on where and when you want your widget to appear on the Source tab.

You're done!

One last step if you're building Inline forms!

If you've chosen to create an inline form widget, you'll also need to copy and paste in code where you want the form to appear.

Thats all! Once you have published your website with the code added across all your pages, you can start creating and triggering widgets on your website.