How to send leads from Snapchat Ads to your CRM

Pre-filled native Snapchat lead ad forms save the customer time, and reduce cost per lead.

Here's how to send leads from Snapchat Ads to your CRM with Driftrock. 

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Step 1: 

Go to Settings > Connections > Connect button, then find Snapchat in the list and connect your Snapchat account. 

Step 2: 

Go to Snapchat Ads and create a New Campaign with Lead Generation objective. 

Next create your ad in your form, defining the key questions that you would like to ask your customers and any additional information that you want to collect. 

Step 3: 

Once you publish your campaign on Snapchat, head back to your Driftrock account, and begin the capture creation process by following these steps: Go to Lead Capture Library, find Snapchat Autofill Lead Generation Ads, then click to Setup.

Step 4: 

Select your form from the dropdown list, then begin the process of mapping your Snapchat questions to Driftrock fields, making sure that you cover all the essential information that you want to send to your CRM. 

TIP: You can also add any marketing tracking information that may help you identify and track your leads. 

Step 5: 

Head to Destination tab to define which Driftrock fields you would like to pass onto your CRM system by mapping them. 

Hit the Finish button to finalize the process. Your capture is now ready to receive the leads coming in from your Snapchat ads.