How to set up a lead form in LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Learn how to build a LinkedIn lead form in LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Ensure you are an ‘Account Manager’ or ‘Campaign Manager’ on the Ad account before you proceed.

There are two ways you can create a LinkedIn Lead Gen form in Campaign Manager. You can create and attach a lead gen form when setting up your Lead Generation objective campaign, and you can also create a form from Account Assets. Account Assets is located at the top of your Campaign Manager homepage.

Form details

  • Select the language you’d like your form to be displayed in, an offer headline and further details.
  • Privacy policy URL - Enter the link to your privacy policy, this will be displayed at the bottom of your form
  • Privacy policy text - Enter your own custom terms and conditions here.
  • You can also add in multiple checkboxes to enable users to opt into individual offers or channels.

Lead details & custom questions

Select which questions you’d like to ask in your form here.

Note: LinkedIn allows you to select up to 12 fields including custom questions.

Profile information

LinkedIn will pre-populate form fields from these categories with a member's contact and professional demographic details (based on the information they have shared on their LinkedIn profile).

The following fields can be edited by the user:

  • Work email address
  • Work phone number
  • Personal email address
  • Personal phone number
  • Gender
  • Any fields that the member does not have filled out on their LinkedIn profile

Custom questions

LinkedIn allows you to enter up to 3 custom questions to request additional information from the user.  E.g multiple choice questions;‘Select a car model’, or ‘Choose a course’. These questions require the user to enter an answer.


You can add a custom thank you message and add a click through link here.

Choose from the following CTA buttons to appear at the bottom of your form.

  • Visit company website
  • Learn more
  • View now
  • Download now
  • Try now

Once you've built your form, head to Driftrock to set up your lead sync to sync your leads to your CRM.