How to send offline events and actions to Driftrock

Track your lead generation campaigns to key actions using Driftrock downstream conversion tracking

What is Driftrock downstream conversion tracking?

Driftrock downstream conversion tracking allows you to better understand the impact of your lead generation campaigns by giving you the ability to track their impact on actions completed either offline or in other systems.

For example, vehicle purchases may be completed offline in a car dealership. By passing these purchase events back to Driftrock, you would be able to attribute these events to your campaigns and understand which of your lead generation channels generated the highest value for your business.

This attribution or "matching" process can be done with compliant personal data, such as an email address, or it can be done with anonymised user IDs, such as a Driftrock ID or an internal ID within your workflows.

Example data flow

What are the benefits of sending offline events and actions to Driftrock?

Sending event and action data back to Driftrock allows for a wide range of benefits and insights from your marketing campaigns:

  • Understand which lead sources drive real revenue for your business
  • Identify which campaigns and ads drive the highest sales
  • Send events to ad platforms using conversion APIs, allowing you to optimise within ad platforms, without the need for cookies

Combined, these help you run campaigns which are measurable, effective, and easy to optimise.

What kind of events should I send to Driftrock

Depending on your industry, you should consider which events and actions are most valuable to you. Here's a few examples:


Test drives

Offline purchases at a dealership

Service bookings

Higher Education

Course enrolments

Event attendance

Open day visits

All of these are events which you could send to Driftrock and attribute to your campaigns, helping you better understand their impact and conversion rate to key actions.

How to send offline events and actions to Driftrock

In order to use Downstream tracking, within your account you need to be doing one of the below:

  • Sending a Driftrock ID into your CRM with every lead generated, and having this ID stay with the user to purchase
  • Storing user email addresses within Driftrock indefinitely, allowing for email based matching if no Driftrock ID is present (All personal data remains encrypted within Driftrock whilst stored)

Event and action data can be sent into your Driftrock account in several ways, depending on your system setup:

Basic: A manually uploaded CSV

Intermediate: By using our native integrations with Shopify, Keap, and other platforms

Advanced: Sending data to the Driftrock events API for your account

In all cases, Driftrock requires at a minimum these fields:

Event timestamp: 01/12/2023T13:01:22

User email address OR a Driftrock ID

Example CSV formatting

Head to Conversion Tracking within the Driftrock platform to get started, or reach out to