One Rock

Driftrock's approach to sustainability & accelerating the transition to clean transport.

With the effects of climate change already being felt around the world many of us are taking steps to reduce our impact on
the planet. 

Without accelerating these efforts, climate change's catastrophic and irreversible consequences will impact us all. 

Whilst we’re not a team of sustainability experts or climate scientists, we must reduce our own impact, help others do the same, and help amplify positive change in any way we can. 

We are working hard to leverage Driftrock’s marketing tools and expertise to help others spread messages and have a meaningful impact on climate change and sustainability. 

Below, we’ve outlined some of our commitments and steps to achieving this, and we welcome feedback and ideas so that we can do more.

Measuring Our Carbon Footprint

As popular marketing advice goes; “you can’t optimise what you can’t measure”. 

That's why we’ve started by measuring our carbon footprint. This is an obvious first step in understanding our environmental impact and has helped us identify areas for improvement.

Our Carbon Footprint in Numbers
  • 2021 to 2022 - 41.214 tnCO2e
  • 2022 to 2023 - 46.05 tnCO2e
Our Carbon Footprint Explained

We operate as a fully remote company. This means we have no direct emissions from owned sources (Scope 1) or indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, heating, and cooling (Scope 2). Our emissions consist of all indirect emissions, (Scope 3) which is made up of the activities that support our business operations.

A plant growing from soil with a sun beam behind it
The steps we have taken

Here are a few steps we've already taken to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Fully remote workforce

We have reduced our carbon footprint by eliminating the need for commuting and decreasing energy consumption in office spaces.

  • Cloud-Based Solutions

Data centres and servers are a significant source of energy consumption and emissions. Our products and services run on Google’s Cloud infrastructure, reducing energy consumption and e-waste and leveraging some of the great work Google has done to reduce the impact of its data centres. 

  • Driving Toward Sustainability

We offer our team members the opportunity to choose electric vehicles, encouraging a shift towards cleaner transportation choices. 

Carbon Neutral

While measuring and reducing emissions is crucial, carbon offsetting offers a proactive approach to climate action, helping to target the impact of current emissions. 

At Driftrock we have offset our small emissions by purchasing carbon credits from the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform

Helping accelerate the transition to clean transport
A cartoon electric car being charged up

Whilst our own carbon emissions are small, we think the biggest impact we can have is helping our automotive customers and consumers accelerate the transition to clean transport. 

Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to spread ideas, and something we think can be put to good to achieve this.

We have been working hard on tools that:

  1. Help bust EV myths through the power of marketing communications.
  2. Help customers take their first steps to making an EV their next car.
  3. Help out customers achieve and exceed their EV goals.

Stay tuned for some very exciting announcements coming soon!

Additional assistance for climate-focused organisations
A cartoon image of people with signs about saving the planet
For climate action organisations

Are you a not for profit running marketing campaigns to drive awareness or donations? We can help improve the performance of these campaigns to drive better results.

Software to generate more leads and donations.

We can offer Driftrock software free of charge for any registered charity with a primary climate action or sustainability goal.

Digital marketing services & consultancy

If you also need a helping hand with your digital marketing campaigns, we're happy to offer cost-price Driftrock services. Where possible, we won't charge anything.