How to Set Up a Driftrock Affiliate Capture

Capture and validate leads collected by an affiliate partner

Part 1 - Setting up API key for your affiliate (for the Driftrock user)

First you'll want to make sure that each affiliate is set up with an API key in order to be authorised to send data to Driftrock.

Head to Settings -> Security to add a new API key. We recommend creating one key per affiliate.

When you've got your API keys set up, you're ready to start building your capture.

Part 2 - Building your Affiliate Capture (for the Driftrock user)

Head to the Lead Capture Library and click ‘Setup’ on the Affiliate Capture

Give your capture a name and click next.

Define the list of fields you’re expecting to receive from the affiliate(s). Click ‘+Add field’ to add each field individually.

You may select from the list of Driftrock fields you have already set up or create a new field for the data to be sent to.

You also have the option to set any of your fields as ‘Required’, meaning the affiliate(s) must provide this field with each lead. Failure to provide data for this field will result in Driftrock will rejecting the lead, and we won’t pass it onto the capture destination.

Define the affiliate(s) you’re expecting to send leads to this new capture.

Driftrock will assign each affiliate a unique ID in the backend, so you can report on leads collected by each affiliate.

Add each affiliates name individually.

Optionally add any additional fields or transformations to your capture.

If you wish to set any Marketing Tracking fields click to expand this section. These fields allow you to assign marketing fields to your leads for reporting in Driftrock and/or your chosen Destination.

You’ll see that Driftrock by default is setting the affiliate name for you from the previous step.

You may either opt to not send these leads anywhere and only use them for Driftrock Reporting, or you may send them to one or more destinations.

When you click next you’re taken to the Review page. Here you’ll find key information you need to pass onto the affiliate(s) to help them build their request:

  • The expected fields in an example payload
  • Their specific affiliate id

You'll also need to provide the affiliate with their API key which you set up in Step 1. Head to Settings -> Security to copy the relevant key. Be sure to send this over separately and securely.

The next step is for the affiliate to build a request to send lead data to the Affiliate Capture you've set up. Send the affiliate the following:

Once the affiliate has completed the setup on their end, they should send a test lead and confirm with you when this is done.