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What are LinkedIn Lead Adverts?

LinkedIn Lead Adverts appear in your feed or inbox on the LinkedIn app and website. The LinkedIn lead form can be added to a sponsored inmail or feed advert.

These forms are visible after a user clicks on the advert, allowing them to populate the form with your desired questions.

LinkedIn possesses an audience of over 630M users, available for an advertiser to reach through a range of demographics, interests and custom audiences.

We tend to see a 25% lower cost per lead when using sponsored inmail lead adverts in comparison to feed adverts.

How do LinkedIn Lead Adverts work?

1. A user is browsing their LinkedIn feed or inbox
2. The user finds and clicks on your advert which opens up the form
3. The user fills the lead form with relevant information
4. The user completes the lead form before receiving a thank you message, with a prompt to visit your website while they wait for a response
5. The lead data is stored in the LinkedIn platform and can be sent to your CRM using Driftrock’s Lead Sync feature

How to create LinkedIn Lead Adverts

1. Login to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager account (or create your account here)
2. Click on your desired company account
3. Create a new campaign group and campaign or select an existing campaign
4. Ensure your campaign has the objective set as ‘Lead Generation’
5. After selecting your campaign, click the ‘Create new ad’ button
6. Create your advert and click on the ‘Form details’ at the bottom of the page
7. Select an existing or create a new form
8. Insert a form headline, description and privacy policy details
9. Select your form questions and choose up to 3 custom questions
10. Enter the text for your thank you page and the website to direct users to
11. Click ‘Create’ at the bottom right hand corner

Choosing your lead delivery option

Captured leads are stored in the LinkedIn Campaign Manager platform and can be downloaded manually via CSV (leads are stored for 30 days).

Syncing to your CRM

It's critical to respond to the leads you receive right away to increase conversion rate. Driftrock enables you to sync LinkedIn leads instantly and securely to your CRM or custom system.

1. Login to the Driftrock platform
2. Create a new lead sync within Driftrock
3. Select source type and select ‘LinkedIn Form’
4. Select destination and select your desired CRM
5. Complete the CRM mappings
6. Analyse your results for in campaign optimisations

Available form information fields within LinkedIn Lead Adverts

- First name
- Last name
- Email address
- LinkedIn profile URL
- Phone number
- City
- State/province
- Country/region
- Postal/zip code
- Work email
- Work phone number

- Job title
- Function
- Seniority

- Company name
- Company size
- Industry

- Degree
- Field of study
- University/school
- Start date
- Graduation date

- Gender

What results can I expect from my LinkedIn Lead Adverts?

We’ve seen huge success when using LinkedIn Lead Adverts across a variety of industries and brands.

- We tend to see a lower cost per click and cost per lead when using the sponsored inmail advert format rather than feed adverts.
- Asking a high volume of questions ensures a higher quality lead however can increase cost per lead.
- Targeting users who have a higher seniority in a company (e.g C-level staff) are usually more expensive but usually of higher value.

How do I optimise LinkedIn Lead Adverts?

Here are our top tips for optimising your LinkedIn Lead Advert campaign to ensure stronger results.

- Test a variety of advert formats to see which delivers the lowest cost per lead and highest lead quality for your audience.
- Give all users the relevant information to make them understand what they are signing up for and when they can expect to be contacted.

- Make sure the advert and lead form are synchronized to create a strong user journey.
- Follow up as soon as possible. You can see as much as a 9X increase in conversion rate if you respond within 5 minutes.

The Driftrock team will be able to assist with the optimisation of your campaigns.

How much do LinkedIn Lead Adverts cost?

Much like other paid social channels, when running a LinkedIn Lead Advertising campaign, you are charged on a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) basis. This will vary depending on the type of user in your target audience (e.g industry, seniority, level of education).

We’d recommend starting with a fair monthly budget and optimising on a weekly basis depending on what is working.

Here are some average cost per leads we’ve seen across a variety of industries:

  • Automotive test drive lead £40 - £100
  • Automotive keep me informed lead £10 - £30
  • B2B £30 - £45
  • Retail £15 - £35

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