Where are my Facebook leads?

Can't see your Facebook leads in Driftrock? Follow this guide to help troubleshoot this.

If you've created a Facebook capture on Driftrock but cannot see your leads in the capture overview page, we recommend doing the following checks to troubleshoot.

When did you create your capture?

Driftrock will only pull leads from the moment you have successfully created and activated your capture, so any leads collected before that moment will not enter your capture. If you require historic leads from a form to be pulled into Driftrock please contact our support team using the onsite chat bubble or send us an email at support@driftrock.com.

Are you a Facebook Page Admin?

For Driftrock to pull leads, the person who has connected the Page to Driftrock must keep admin access to the page. If this person loses their access, even momentarily, or changes something on their Facebook account i.e. their password, Facebook will suspend the connection for security purposes.

To check you still have admin access to the Page

  • Head to Business Manager>Business Settings>Accounts>Pages
  • Search for your page and click on it
  • Check your access level, you should have Manage Page access, which is the equivalent of admin access

Do you have Leads Access on Facebook Business Manager?

For some pages, access to leads is granted separately to specific users, meaning Page Admin access alone is not enough.

To check if you require Leads Access:

  • Head to Business Manager>Business Settings>Integrations>Leads Access
  • Search for your Page
  • If you find it in the list, click on it and ensure you have Leads Access

If you do not yet have Leads Access, make sure you are given access by an admin in your Business Manager and then return to Driftrock to reconnect your Facebook Page.

Still having trouble?

Please contact our support team using the onsite chat bubble or send us an email at support@driftrock.com, and one of the Driftrock team will be happy to assist you further.