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Snapchat autofill lead generation ads

Create snapchat landing page forms that pre-fill from the users profile information to save the customer time, and reduce cost per lead.

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What are Snapchat Autofill Lead Ads?

Snapchat Autofill lead forms pre-fill webforms for snapchat lead generation, with the users profile information to save them time.

This is great for the customer, and also significantly lowers the cost per lead from snapchat platform compared to sending to a normal web form.

How do Snapchat Autofill Forms work?

Here's a typical user journey with Snapchat autofill forms:

  1. The customer sees a vertical video ad in their feed.
  2. They swipe up to engage with your snapchat ads.
  3. This loads your webform (pre-loaded as they watch the video to save load time).
  4. User profile details are added to the form fields to save time.
  5. The user submits the form.

With Driftrock, you can launch Snapchat Autofill-ready forms in minutes without any coding and start your snapchat lead generation journey.

How to setup Snapchat auto-fill lead ads

Create your landing page form

You need a webform that has been configured for Snapchat auto-fill.

  1. Login to Driftrock or create an account.
  2. Choose Snapchat Auto-fill Lead Ads from the lead gen library.
  3. Build your lead form.
  4. Setup your CRM sync if you want to send leads to your CRM.
  5. Done! You now have a highly optimised landing page to use in your campaign.

Setting up in Snapchat Ads Manager

Login to Snapchat Ads Manager:

1. Create a campaign and use "Advanced Create".

2. Choose the Lead Gen objective.

3. Add the Driftrock landing page URL as the destination.

Make sure you choose Autofill and Preload options to load the Driftrock forms instantly, prefilled!

Tracking & optimisation

You can quickly and easily add UTM tracking in Snapchat Ads Manager to track your campaign.

Driftrock will automatically pull the UTM parameters and attach them as hidden fields for each lead you generate.

The same UTM parameters will appear in your Google Analytics tracking as well.

An alternative to these autofill lead generation ads are the Snapchat Native Lead generation forms, which are recently released! Read more about them here.

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