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Snapchat Native Lead generation

Pre-filled native lead ad forms that save the customer time, and reduce cost per lead.

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What are Snapchat Native Lead Generation forms?

Snapchat native lead generation forms are fast loading forms designed to decrease friction and increase conversion rates by improving the user journey and auto filling form fields directly from Snapchatters’ profiles.

How do Snapchat Native Lead Generation forms work?

Here's a typical user journey with Snapchat Lead Ad forms:

  1. The customer sees a vertical video ad in their feed.
  2. They swipe up to engage with the ad.
  3. This quickly loads your native lead ad form.
  4. User profile details are pre-filled to save time.
  5. The user submits the form.

How to create Snapchat Lead ads?

  1. Login to Snapchat ads manager
  2. Create a campaign in "Advance create" option
  3. Select "Lead Generation" as your objective
  4. Choose all the ad settings and choose the "Lead Form" attachment
  5. Design your lead form (form settings, custom questions, disclosures)
  6. Go live!

Syncing Snapchat leads to your CRM

It's critical to respond to the leads you receive right away to increase conversion rate. Driftrock enables you to sync snapchat leads instantly and securely to your CRM.

1. Login to the Driftrock platform
2. Create a new lead sync in Driftrock
3. Select source type and select ‘Snapchat native lead generation form’
4. Select destination and select your desired CRM
5. Complete the CRM mappings

An alternative to these native lead generation ads are the Snapchat autofill lead generation forms. Read more about them here.

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