YouTube TrueView for Action Form Ads

The newest & smartest way to generate leads on YouTube.

Boost your YouTube lead generation and drive highly-qualified traffic to your website with YouTube TrueView for Action Form Ads and Driftrock’s TrueView lead sync.

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What are YouTube Lead Form Ads?

Watch the video below for a sneak peak of the new YouTube Lead Form Ads and an introduction to the format by our CEO Matt Wheeler.

Why use YouTube Form Ads with Driftrock?


Boost your YouTube Lead Volume

Generate more leads with a high-converting mobile optimised, native lead form.


Generate High quality leads

Working in tandem your video content can help educate and qualify customers before they submit. (2).gif

Lower cost per lead

The ultra fast-loading, pre-filled forms drive lower cost per lead than landing pages.


Sync to your CRM

Sync Google Form Ads to your CRM using Driftrock. Enable all your favourite features like lead validation, analysis and end-to-end tracking.


How does it work?

1. Google YouTube In-stream video

A user watches a YouTube video on their mobile YouTube app and sees a banner below your TrueView in-stream ad with a call to action.

2. Native Google Form

The user clicks on the call to action to expand the form. You can collect information such as name, email, post code and phone number.

3. Submission & sync

After submitting the form the user will see a “thank you” message with a link to your website. Driftrock syncs this lead in real time through to your CRM.

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Boost your YouTube Form Ad performance with Driftrock

Unlock advanced YouTube lead generation and seamless reporting with Driftrock’s lead generation platform.

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Real-time lead sync

Sync all of your YouTube leads to your CRM with Driftrock’s real time sync to enable advanced re-marketing and fast sales follow-up.


Lead validation

Validate your lead information with Driftrock to make sure you don’t waste budget on fake or invalid leads.


Advanced Lead Tracking

Track your YouTube leads through to an offline sale. Enable advanced ROI reporting with Driftrock’s online to offline tracking.


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