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YouTube Lead Form Ads

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What are Youtube Lead Form Ads?

YouTube Lead Form Ads help you capture potential customer data as they watch videos across YouTube.

As users watch video content across YouTube, they will occasionally see ads appear before their video content. When a user clicks this ad, a form will appear beneath the video, allowing the user to enter information to find out more about the product in the advert.

Through the Driftrock platform, this lead data can be collected in real time and sent to your CRM for immediately follow up.

How do YouTube Lead Form Ads work?

When a user sees a video ad on YouTube, they have the option to click a call to action. When clicked, a form will appear beneath the video, with certain pieces of information about the user already pre-filled, for example, name, email and phone number.

Advertisers have the option of asking questions on further pieces of information, with users having to manually enter this data.

When the form is complete, the user can submit the form and then return to watching the video content.

YouTube Form Ads Example

How do I set up YouTube Lead Form Ads?

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
  3. Click the plus button
  4. Select New campaign.
  5. In the goals section, select Leads.
  6. Under "Campaign type", select Video.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. While setting up your campaign, scroll to the "Lead form" section, then click Form. This opens a new window, where you'll enter details about your lead form.
  9. Enter your "Business name" and "Call-to-action", then click Continue.
  10. Add a "Headline" and "Description".
  11. Choose the information you want to collect in the lead form
  12. Add the URL to your privacy policy, then click Continue.
  13. Add a "Headline" and "Description" for the message that appears after people submit their information, then click Continue.
  14. Select the type of lead form you want to show people.
  15. Higher intent: Choose this option if you want leads from people more likely to be interested in your product or service. Keep in mind that this may lead to less leads.
  16. More volume: Choose this option if you want more leads. Keep in mind that you may see a larger amount of leads, but the people included in your leads may be less likely to be interested in your product or service.
  17. Select your lead collection method. If you want to collect your leads in real time, you can do this through the Driftrock platform. Click the box next to "Webhook: get your collected leads in real-time (optional)" and add the webhook information.
  18. To agree to the terms of service, click the box next to "I agree".
  19. Click Add to campaign.

How do I export my leads

You either download a CSV of your leads or can send them in realtime to your CRM using Driftrock.

In the Driftrock Lead Source Library simply click Connect, and follow the steps to start syncing your leads.

To learn more about Youtube Lead Form ads (YouTube TrueView for Action Form Ads), you can check out our detailed blog post, How to get started with YouTube Lead Form Ads.

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