A Guide to Facebook's Lead Ads Product

June 27, 2017

This guide covers Facebook's native product features with regard to the creative format and lead form content, and data management.

 Guide to Facebook Lead Ads

The Lead Form:

The main form content

 Walkthrough of Facebook Lead Ads

Context Cards ("Welcome Screen"):

A “Context Card” is like a page in the lead ad form, except it functions as an introductory page to the form. It is the first thing the user sees after clicking on the lead ad. 

By giving the user more context behind the lead ad, the “Context Card” aims to increase lead quality. See our blog post discussing ideas of how to optimise your lead ads for quality leads here.

In Power Editor's new form creator, context cards are toggled and configured in a tab called "Welcome Screen". At the time of writing, the welcome screen is activated automatically. If you do not want it - be sure to switch the blue toggle off!

 Facebook Lead Ads Welcome Screen


The following space is available for text:

Headline (max 60 Characters)


The body text has two options: 

  • Bullet point style: max 5 Bullet Points – 80 characters per bullet point (see screenshots)
  • Paragraph Style: A paragraph of text may be inserted here – currently it seems to be unlimited in size. 

CTA Button

You may insert your own text here!

30 characters

Custom Disclaimer:

Detailed privacy disclaimers can be configured if you check the box titled "Add Custom Disclaimer"
Hyperlinks to other pages with relevant information can be inserted if you select a string of text and click on "Add Link"

 Facebook Lead Ads Custom Disclaimer

Multiple user opt-in consent checkboxes can be configured here as well.

Lead Data

Lead forms are attached to specific Facebook pages, and data (such as lead form templates) cannot be shared between Facebook pages. 

To access the lead data and download a .csv, you must be an admin on the page.

Manage the Facebook page via Business Manager, and go to Publishing Tools:

And here you can download spreadsheets of data from each lead form. (or alternatively, have your data transferred and processed automatically by Driftrock) 

 Facebook Lead Ads Forms Library

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