Create and manage Facebook lead ads in bulk

September 14, 2017

How to deploy Facebook lead ads in bulk for local, personalised marketing at scale.

For advanced Facebook lead ads campaigns, it's often essential to create tens or hundreds of lead forms. For example, deploying local lead generation campaigns, or running multiple campaigns over multiple Facebook Pages. 

With Driftrock it's possible to create, manage and optimise lead ads forms in bulk. 

Features & benefits

  • Create multiple Facebook campaigns from a template, with individualised lead forms, in one simple creation journey, with automatically generated tracking tags.
  • Automatically setup up the correct CRM integrations for each lead ad form
  • Publish hundreds of lead forms, to multiple Facebook Pages, accounting for differences in each iteration
  • Update lead forms and ads by duplicating or editing existing templates. 
  • Manage large-scale campaigns which cover hundreds of Facebook pages with ease.