Driving Higher Quality Leads with Business Locator

BMW Facebook Case Study.png

BMW generated leads with higher purchase intent using Native Lead Ads with Business Locator, whilst decreasing cost per lead by 32%.


The Goals

Driftrock worked with BMW to test and scale Facebook Lead Ads with Business Locator. By leveraging the new Business Locator technology, BMW aimed to reduce friction in the lead generation journey and deliver a better customer experience than landing page features.


The Results

The Approach

BMW UK have enjoyed huge success with the Facebook Lead Ads format to drive enquiries and test drive bookings. Until recently, they successfully leveraged a bespoke Driftrock landing page solution in order to enable advanced features such as local store search, advanced opt-out options and detailed legal information. To deliver further improvements to the customer experience and reduce friction, BMW tested Facebook Native Lead Ads with Business Locator, vs the custom landing page experience. The native journey enabled BMW to offer a quick and easy customer experience from first click through to a visit to a local retailer.


"The new Leads Ads with Business Locator has further improved the customer experience for booking  test drives on Facebook, and continues to form a key part of our media strategy."

- Sam Boniface - Digital Director, MEC UK  


Store refresh

With an ever changing database of local retailers BMW required a constant refresh of the local dealer data. By implementing the Driftrock Dynamic Business Locator, the most relevant dealer information was automatically populated into the native lead form, enabling customers to select the right dealer for them.


Testing the Experience

BMW’s agency MEC used the eagerly anticipated launch of the new M5 to encourage potential customers to register their interest for the M5 or book a test drive for another model. The aim was  to test the differences in form drop off between an ad that used a landing page form and one that used Lead Ads with Business Locator. The results were incredible, with MEC seeing an increase in test drive requests versus earlier campaigns in the year.


Lead sync to CRM

To complete the customer experience, BMW used Driftrock Lead Sync technology to ensure enquiries arrived in real-time latest information.


Looking Ahead

The Lead Ads with Business Locator solution has now been scaled into all BMW and MINI lead generation campaigns on Facebook. Due to the reduction in form drop-off, and improved customer experience, BMW are expecting this will leads to an increase in test drive bookings overall.