Driftrock Helps Drover Reduce Registration Costs & Acquire New Subscribers.

June 27, 2019

About Drover

Drover is a flexible, all inclusive car subscription service for new and used cars. Drover are trailblazing the future of car subscriptions, allowing subscribers to seamlessly rent a car at the touch of a button.

The Objective  

Drover wanted to decrease their lead acquisition costs from Facebook, as well as use the channel to increase their new customer acquisition, by targeting new audiences.

The Solution

Driftrock tested a variety of different audiences, using Driftrock Convert to upload existing customer data to Facebook as custom audiences. From there, Driftrock was able to increase Drover’s new customer acquisition, by creating strong Lookalike audiences from Drover’s existing high-quality dataset.

The Results

  • Driftrock decreased Drover’s registration costs by 38%.
  • Driftrock decreased Drover’s subscription costs by 26%.
  • By introducing dynamic re-targeting strategies, Drover were able to serve ads to customers of the the specific models they were interested in, further reducing lead acquisition costs.
  • Driftrock worked with the Drover creative & branding team, to introduce new in-house strategies to guide users through Facebook ads step-by-step. This decreased Drover’s cost-per-lead by a further 16%.

“Driftrock acted as an extension to our business to help drive Facebook performance, and with phenomenal results on both volume and efficiency. Driftrock’s audience sync technology allowed us to focus our messaging for each customer at each stage of the funnel. Meaning we were always relevant to customers, without the hassle of manual uploads. We couldn't ask for more.”


Matt Seakins - Chief Marketing Officer, Drover

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