How eCornell reduced CPL by 57% using LinkedIn & Driftrock Lead Gen

May 10, 2019

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The goal

eCornell wanted to test LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms whilst maintaining ultra-fast response rates for students by admissions teams. eCornell reduced cost per lead by 57% using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms & Driftrock technology.

The solution

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms provide customers with an easy-to-use form, that pre-fills information from their LinkedIn profile. eCornell worked with Driftrock to create a real-time sync to their CRM system. The custom integration ensured leads arrived safely and in the correct format through transformation and mapping rules.

The results

LinkedIn lead Gen Forms have generated outstanding results from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. When comparing average cost per lead of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, to traditional landing pages, eCornell saw a 57% lower cost per lead.

“We’re delighted with the results. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms drastically reduced our cost per lead, whilst Driftrock’s technology platform has ensured our admissions team can help students enrol quickly”

- Megan Burke, CMO at eCornell -

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