How to create Facebook ads easily with Driftrock Create

October 2, 2015
 Driftrock Create

It’s here! Our new tool Create is finally out in private beta.

Driftrock Create is an ultra fast Facebook ad creation tool, with the aim of allowing you to go from 0 to 100 ads in 60 seconds.

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What are the features?

Driftrock Create combines the powerful capabilities of Power Editor with the easy to use flow of Facebook’s ads manager. You can customise your bidding strategy and how you want to pay for your Facebook ads, and you also have all the advanced targeting capabilities of PE.

Best of all, you can create multi product ads, which are not yet available on Facebook’s platform! With multi product ads you can display three images within one ad unit on Facebook – this can be used to display three products, three features of the same product, three benefits of a service, whatever you want! Here’s what they look like:


UPDATE: You can now create multi product ads with Power Editor!

How does it make my life easier?

The more you use Create, the faster it becomes. You can save your targeting and creative, so it will be super quick to create new Facebook campaigns in no time. 
With asset management, every image and piece of copy can be saved so you can mix and match for future Facebook ads, and you can duplicate and edit ads in seconds!

You can also save your targeting groups and quickly all the possible variations of ads and audience targeting you dream up, to experiment and see how it impacts your CTR and return on ad spend.

Integrates easily with other Driftrock tools

As usual, and in line with our ‘app store for marketing tools’ model, Create is a separate tool but integrates perfectly with our other tools. You can easily use your automated Custom Audiences in your ads on Create, and you can also analyse the performance of your campaigns with Open Book’s awesome reports.

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