Driftrock helps Secret Escapes double their sign-ups from Social.

November 25, 2018

About Secret Escapes

Secret Escapes negotiates exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and holidays in the UK and abroad, at up to 60% off the price you’d pay by booking elsewhere. Packages are only available to members, who have to sign-up to the brand’s platform to browse their latest offers.

The Objective  

Working together with TRGT Digital and Driftrock, the objective was to test whether Facebook’s native lead generation formats could be used to make it easier for more people to sign-up to the platform, whilst driving down the cost per sign-up.

The Solution

Secret Escapes used Facebook’s native lead generation forms, Facebook Lead Ads, to allow new customers to seamlessly sign-up for access to the platform directly through Facebook. This solution offers a more seamless and friendly user-journey than more traditional methods, such as re-directing users to 3rd party landing pages.

Working with Driftrock, Secret Escapes were able to automatically route new sign-ups from lead ads through to the Secret Escapes API. This way, when a user completed a lead ad, they were instantly registered to the Secret Escapes website, and could automatically start receiving their exclusive discounts.

The Results

During the experiment, TRGT Digital tested both traditional landing-page sign-ups vs the new lead ads approach; the lead ads strategy out-performed the website conversion strategy significantly:

  • Secret Escapes’ cost per sign-up was 52% cheaper with lead ads, compared to the landing page.
  • For the same reach, we saw a X2 increase in sign-ups.

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