SPOKE - Extending Email Marketing to Facebook

April 6, 2017



When premium online menswear brand Spoke approached Driftrock they were already running a successful email marketing campaign, seeing 25% open rates.

Spoke wanted to extend their marketing to Facebook in order to target customers who weren’t engaging with emails.


The Driftrock platform connected Spoke’s CRM with their Facebook account. Instead of the Spoke team having to manually download csv files and upload them to Facebook, their customer data was now being synced with Facebook custom audiences in real-time.

This meant Spoke could serve ads on Facebook to their mailing list. Even better, using Driftrock Dynamic Audiences, they could ensure that anyone who opened an email didn’t see a Facebook ad, reducing wasted spend.


  • 28,900 people were sent an email, which was opened by 23.6% of subscribers.
  • When including the Facebook campaign, 73% of subscribers were reached overall.
  • Not only were these customers reached, a healthy 1:17.5 ROAS was achieved on Facebook.


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