Facebook Lead Ads Sync

The Facebook Lead Ads Instant Form integration for enterprise advertisers.
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What makes Driftrock's Facebook Lead Ads sync special?

A Facebook Lead Ads integration for enterprise advertisers who need more than a simple A to B integration. With Driftrock you can rely on Data Protection features to meet your compliance standards, data validation and custom enterprise integrations.

50% lower cost per lead

The majority of our clients see a 50% reduction in cost per lead with Facebook Instant Forms.

Increase quality with Lead Validation

Automatically validate and cleanse your Facebook Lead Ads leads before sending to the CRM.

GDPR compliant for large enterprises

Driftrock processes data for the worlds largest brands. We have a range of features to meet your Data Protection standards including residency, the ability to choose which fields to destroy as well as custom Data Protection Agreements.

Guaranteed to arrive in your CRM.

Realtime, reliable, safe CRM sync

Driftrock's team of experts build a solid, stable integration into your custom or off-the-shelf systems.

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56% increase in lead conversion rates

Lead Validation

Block invalid leads before they arrive in your CRM. Track the number of valid and invalid leads by source, campaign, keyword or any other field e.g product.

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Track leads from source to purchase

End-to-End Tracking

View your funnel performance, and filter charts by anything you care about e.g Source, product, location.

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Native integrations with all your favourite tools

Driftrock's integrations push lead data, pull audience records and pull conversion data.

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