Facebook Lead Ads Integrations

How to integrate Facebook Instant Forms with your CRM or email system whilst keeping lead quality high.
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Facebook Lead Ads Integrations
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What tools do you need to manage your Facebook leads?

Whilst Facebook lead ads typically deliver a 50% lower cost per lead, keeping quality high and responding quickly is essential to generate sales and not waste your sales team’s time.

It is impossible to do this without tools and automation.

Downloading leads via CSV wastes time

Speed up response times, and don't waste time downloading leads that you could spend on marketing.

X Wasted time you could spend on marketing

X Slow response times, especially over the weekends.

Most integration tools disregard lead quality

To ensure your leads are high quality and convert, you need more than just a Bridge or a Zap.

X Invalid leads reach your CRM, and so waste the time of your sales team. 

X No way of tracking performance and optimizing for lead quality.

You can't optimize what you don't measure

Make sure you can optimize for high-quality leads with lead tracking.

X Not all audiences, ads and forms deliver the same lead quality.

X Manual monthly reports damage performance.

Driftrock is the simplest way to integrate Facebook Instant Forms with your CRM, whilst ensuring only valid leads reach your CRM.

Integrate your forms securely in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Create your campaign and Instant Forms in Facebook Ads Manager

Driftrock provides tips and tricks to help you setup high performing lead ads campaigns whether you are a beginner or pro.

Facebook lead ads are one of 20+ lead sources in the Driftrock lead source library that you can connect or setup.

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Step 2

Connect your forms in Driftrock

Follow a simple step-by-step wizard to connect your Lead Ads campaigns with your CRM.

It takes minutes to connect to your CRM or email system, and gets faster as Driftrock learns your mappings.

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Step 3

Enable automatic lead validation with a click

Optionally block invalid leads from reaching your CRM, or just use the data for optimization.

Validate email, phone and address fields to ensure your sales team don't waste time on bad data.

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Learn more about it here:
Step 4

Track your campaigns in Driftrock’s live lead reporting dashboard.

Unlike other integrations, Driftrock’s reporting gives you powerful insights to optimise your Meta lead generation campaigns.

  • Out-the-box lead tracking by campaign, adset, ad and form through to purchase.
  • Optionally enable Meta Conversions API to track your sales in Ads Manager.
  • Optionally enable Meta Conversion Leads Optimization for a further advanced performance boost.
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Connect Meta Lead Ads with any system, or we'll build you a custom integration.

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