Volkswagen Ireland Fuels Lead Generation with Facebook Lead Ads

March 25, 2019

The Challenge

Volkswagen Ireland and their media agency PHD worked on launching a Facebook lead generation campaign across their 35 dealerships in Ireland.

Volkswagen had seen some success driving high-quality traffic with Facebook campaigns but were looking for a new way to fuel their lead generation. The team knew that implementing a successful and scalable dealership lead generation campaign would depend on being able to easily deliver leads to the relevant dealership as quickly as possible.

The Solution

Volkswagen and PHD created a Facebook Lead Ads campaign aimed at generating test drive leads for Volkswagen’s dealership network in Ireland.

Volkswagen wanted to test how Facebook Lead Ads will perform as a scalable format while focusing on providing a great experience for mobile car shoppers. The Lead Ad format provided an easy way for shoppers to submit enquiries or book a test drive through a short lead form journey.

In order to make sure leads are delivered to the correct dealership with as little friction as possible, the team used Driftrock’s Send to Email and lead routing features. Thanks to Driftrock’s lead routing capabilities, leads could reach the relevant dealer’s inbox in real time with no need for any manual work. This meant that the Volkswagen team didn’t have to worry about navigating complicated systems or CSV uploads and had more time to focus on closing deals.

The Results

  • Increase in lead volume  
  • 45x Increase in ROI

“Driftrock’s technology helped us make the most of our Facebook lead generation campaign and their technical support gave us the peace of mind we needed to focus on delivering a successful campaign. After seeing the great results from this campaign, our client is excited to run more Facebook lead generation campaigns in the future!”
- Jamie Rowe, PHD Media -

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