Expand your Promoted Tweet reach with X (Twitter) new @handle generator

May 11, 2015
 Twitter Handle Generator

They say, judge someone by the company they keep, but in the case of X (Twitter) advertising it’s more the people they follow.

Since the new ad targeting tools were launched in March this year, targeting users through X Handles have been a great way to precisely target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to specific audiences. Placing ads in front of people, with interests similar to followers of a specific account, have helped marketers find profiles of people with a tighter fit for conversion or fellowship potential.

But finding a larger list of appropriate accounts took time, often messing around with X Search for new ideas. Now there’s a new way to supercharge this process, improve results and save time. At the end of last week, X launched an expansion of the tool that helps extend your existing X Handle shortlist by up 40 new accounts, by recommending relevant usernames.

How to use this tool:

  1. The X (Twitter) Handle generator can be used for Promoted Tweets and Accounts.
  2. In your X ads account, select either “Create a new campaign” or “Edit Campaign” to modify an existing campaign that is in use.
  3. Choose “Interest and followers” as the primary method of targeting.
  4. In the add X Handles section, add in 5-10 X Handles
  5. Then click “Expand your reach” where a box will pop up with up to 40 new suggestions, based on your initial list.
  6. Select the X Handles you want to use and add them to your campaign.

Top Tip – use at least 8 X Handles for the most relevant results. Adding only 1-3 will make recommendations very general.

Why this is cool for marketers

This X (Twitter) Handle generator, similar to the keyword suggestion tool that launched a few weeks ago, uses the same matching philosophy to help you target the most appropriate audience, at a greater scale. Not only does this provide wider opportunities to reach relevant impressions for your campaigns, but it’s also a great tool for generic competitor research.

The X countdown

Yesterday [Quartz] (http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/30/net-us-twitter-ipo-idUSBRE98T01H20130930), suggested that X Inc is likely to make it’s IPO filing public sometime this week. With an expected valuation of $15 Billion, the social platform certainly needs to find ways to prove to it’s advertisers that it can deliver innovative ways of targeting it’s 240 million users worldwide. On the other hand, those users aren’t going to be happy if they feel they’re being bombarded by ads.

This X Handle generator tool builds on the longstanding Online marketing premise that users are going to be happier with more relevant, targeted ads. Based in this case on their interests or the interests of the people they follow. I think the trick is to be careful who you follow; no mercy for @justinbieber fans!

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