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Twitter Lead Generation

Generate more leads from your Twitter Ads using Twitter-specific landing page forms.

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What is Twitter Lead Generation?

Twitter is a great platform for reaching potential customers, gaining followers and starting a conversation.

With Driftrock Smart Lead Forms, you can now run lead generation campaigns across Twitter, letting you collect lead data from your promoted tweets, analyse them in the Driftrock platform, and pass these leads onto your CRM platform in real time.

How does Twitter Lead Generation work?

When a user sees your promoted tweet and clicks the image or call to action, they will be directed to a Driftrock Smart Lead Form.

These Smart Lead Forms loads almost instantaneously, and can be customised based on the information fields you want to collect from your side, for example, name, email address and postcode.

Once the user has completed the information requirements in the form, they click submit and your captured data is sent to your CRM platform in real time.

These submissions can also be tracked using your Twitter Conversion Pixel, helping your optimise your audiences and campaigns.

How do I set up Twitter Lead Generation?

First, get your campaign structure set up in the Twitter Ads platform.

Once you've created your campaign structure in Twitter, go to Driftrock and create a Smart Lead Form in the Driftrock platform. Here you can specify all the fields of information that you want to collect, as well as customise the form with your logo and key campaign details.

You can also implement your Twitter Conversion Pixel on the form, allowing campaigns to optimise to form completions.

After your form is built, create a lead sync between the form and your CRM platform. This will allow your leads to be collected and sent to your CRM in real time.

Submit a test lead, check that it reaches your CRM successfully, then you're ready to go!

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