Supercharge your Google Ads with the power of people data.

Connect Google lead forms, Google Customer Match and Offline Conversions.
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Google Ads Integration

Google Lead Form Integrations

Connect Lead Form Extensions, YouTube Lead Form Ads and Discovery Lead Forms to your CRM in minutes.

Reliable automated sync

Clean, map, transform and enrich your leads with the information you need to send successfully to your CRM every time.

Validation & qualification

Automatically validate, dedupe and qualify every Google lead to ensure only high quality leads arrive with your team.

Integrate with your favourite tools

Segment and route leads to 250+ tools.

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Increase return on ad spend 53%

Google Customer Match Integrations

Keep your customer lists in sync with Google Customer Match.

Throw away the CSV

Reliable, automated audience integrations to improve targeting and stop wasting time.

Improve ROI from Google Ads

Target, exclude and find Similar Audiences to improve ROI from Search, Discovery and YouTube.

Stay compliant

Add and remove records automatically to stay compliant with Data Protection law.

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Enable Smart Bidding

Google Ads Offline Conversions API

Driftrock is the easiest way to manage Google Ads Offline Conversions for marketers who do lead generation.

Sync the full funnel

Automatically sync valid leads, qualified leads and actions from your CRM to Google.

Integrate with your favourite tools

Segment and route leads to 250+ tools.

Google Analytics Conversions integration

You can also sync the same conversions to Google Analytics measurement protocol! 

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