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What is a Google Performance Max Campaign?

Performance Max is one of the latest Google Ads campaign type. Performance Max allows you to run a single campaign across all of Google’s mobile inventory, including YouTube, Gmail, Search, Display, Maps and the Discover feed, whilst leveraging Google's automation tools to optimise your campaign.

The campaign is designed to help you find converting customers easily, drive value, and acquire useful insights about your creative. All you need to do is upload a selection of different assets, such as your brand logos, up to 20 images relevant to your product, videos, and ad copy, then let Google's tools do the rest.

Your creative assets will be rotated and optimised to find the best combination, helping you drive better value from your Google Ads budget.

How do I generate leads with Google Performance Max Campaigns?

If you're looking to generate leads, then Google Performance Max is a great option. If your google ads account is whitelisted for lead form extensions, these can be applied to your Google Performance Max campaign to allow you to collect leads natively in the ad unit. These leads can then be sent to Driftrock in real time, then processed and passed onto your CRM or end point, such as a Google Sheet document or email alert. You can also use Driftrock to analyse and report on these leads with our dashboard tools.

If your account isn’t whitelisted, you could direct people to a Driftrock lead generation landing page instead, allowing the user to easily enter their details. 

Why should I use Google Performance Max campaign for lead generation?

Testing by Google demonstrated a 22% increase in conversions, and a 20% reduction in overall cost per conversion, by switching to Google Performance Max.

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