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Google Customer Match Integration
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Why sync your CRM records with Google Customer Match?

Use Driftrock to sync your CRM records with Google Customer Match to increase your conversions across Search & Social. Advanced marketers are enjoying using Driftrock to introduce lifecycle marketing techniques, scale their similar audiences and stay compliant with data protection laws.

Exclusion Audiences

You can use customer lists to exclude people from ads who have recently converted, and stretch budgets.

Bid Management

Customer lists can be applied to up-weight and down-weight your PPC search bids. E.G. You might want to reduce bids for people who have recently converted.

Extend email campaigns to Google

By extending email CRM activity to Google Ads, our clients have seen a 50%+ in conversion rate from customer lists.

Increase Your Conversions

Activate lifecycle marketing techniques

By syncing GCM audiences, you can guide your leads through the customer journey. E.G. You could servce a nurture ad for everyone who submits a lead, and hasn't purchased on YouTube.

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Dynamic, Reliable, 3-Hourly Sync

Scale similar audiences

Scale high quality Similar Audiences for people who are similar to your high value customer segments or certain product categories. Keep them in a dynamic sync to keep them fresh.

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Stay GDPR compliant.

Help stay compliant and protect privacy

Driftrock automotically removes records if people unsubscribe from your CRM, protecting privacy and helping you stay GDPR compliant.

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