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Google Discovery Lead Form Ads

Drive more leads from targeted audiences using Lead Forms with Google Discovery.

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What are Google Discovery Lead Form Ads?

Discovery ads allow you to target dynamically optimised ads across Google's range of placements.

Google will automatically optimise your campaigns for lead submissions.

Adding the native Lead Form extension to the Discovery ad allows customers to quickly submit their details.

How do YouTube Lead Form Ads work?

When a user sees an ad in the Discovery feed or other placements, they have the option to click a call to action. When clicked, a form will appear natively instantly. Certain pieces of information about the user already pre-filled, for example, name, email and phone number.

Advertisers have the option of asking questions on further pieces of information, with users having to manually enter this data.

Lead Forms for Discovery Examples

How do I export my leads

You either download a CSV of your leads or can send them in realtime to your CRM using Driftrock.

In the Driftrock Lead Source Library simply click Connect, and follow the steps to start syncing your leads.

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