Google Customer Match API Sync

The secure, reliable, scalable way to create Google Customer Lists.

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Extend email campaigns to Google.

By extending email CRM activity to Google Ads, our clients have seen a 50%+ increase in conversion rate from their customer lists. 


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Adjust Google Ads bids based on customer lists.

Automatically updating lists to increase or decrease bids for certain people in your database.

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Scale Google Similar Audiences

Create and automatically sync Customer Match Lists for Similar Audiences.


Help stay compliant and Protect Privacy.

Driftrock automatically removes records if people unsubscribe from your CRM, protecting privacy, and helping you stay GDPR compliant.

SPOKE London saw a 54% increase in downstream conversion to sale by extending email CRM to social.
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Why sync Google Customer Match Audiences from your CRM?

1) Lifecycle Marketing

By Syncing your Google Customer Match audiences, you can deliver multiple ads through the customer journey. For example, you could serve a nurture ad for everyone who submits a lead, and hasn’t purchased on YouTube.

2) Bid Management

Customer Lists can be applied to up-weight and down-weight your PPC search bids. For example, you might want to reduce bids for people searching for your brand who have just purchased.

3) Scale Similar Audiences

Scale high quality Similar Audiences for people who are similar to your high value customer segments or certain product categories. Keeping them in sync to keep them fresh.

4) Exclusions

You can also use customer lists to simply exclude people from ads who have recently converted. For example, only showing YouTube ads to new customers.



Add and remove records: Mirror the customer segments in your CRM rather than adding on top of existing audiences.

Rapid sync: Sync every 3 hours, 24 hours or Weekly depending on what you need.

Secure & reliable: Driftrock constantly syncs tens of millions of records every hour for global brands.

Facebook Custom Audiences: Sync both Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences together from one integration!


How it works

1. Connect

Quickly connect one or more of your customer data sources such as your Email system, CRM or EPOS system. Driftrock can build custom integrations if required. 

2. Segment

Simple, powerful segmentation of your customer data for insights and preparing your dynamic audiences. 

3. Sync

With a single click, Driftrock will start keeping your audience segments in sync with Social and PPC channels.

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