Driftrock Website Modal Form Guide

How to create a Driftrock Website Modal form to generate more leads

Driftrock Website Modal Form Guide

Head to the Lead Capture Library and click to set up a Driftrock Website Modal Lead Form

Click the ‘follow these instructions’ link to show the code you’ll need to install onto your website.

Copy and paste the script shown into the footer of your website. Where it says ‘YOUR_API_KEY’ be sure to paste in your chosen Driftrock API key. If you’ve not yet got an API key, follow the instructions to set one up.

Head to the Setup page to set up your modal form.

Display Rules

Add a page

Specify which page(s) you’d like your modal form to be displayed on in the Display Rules section. Click to add a page.

Copy and paste the URL you’d like the modal form to appear on in the URL box, or alternatively use a wildcard to show the modal form on multiple pages. 

For example:

  • Entering www.driftrock.com/* will display the modal form on all pages on the Driftrock website
  • Entering www.driftrock.com/industries/* will display the modal form on all of our Industry pages.
  • Entering www.driftrock.com/*/lead-capture will display the modal form on any page with ‘lead-capture’ at the end of the URL extension


Select when you’d like your modal form to trigger on your page(s).

On click - trigger your modal form when an element is clicked

To trigger your modal form upon clicking, first create a HTML element with a unique ID or Class (the CSS selector you will use to trigger the modal form) e.g. a button, text or div. 

Here’s an example of a button element:

<a id="modal-button-trigger1" href="#" class="modal-trigger-button">Click here!</a>

Tip: We recommend using classes, as you can then have multiple modal forms on a page.

Copy and paste your class or id into the box. 

  • An id should look like this - #your-id
  • A class should look like this - .your-class-name

Style & Content

Optionally set the colours you’d like your modal form to be in this section using HTML colour codes, and give your modal form some copy to explain your offering.

Fields & Consent

Add all of the questions you’d like to ask in your form in this section, as well as any custom consent text/checkboxes you’d like to display to the customer. 

Tip: We’d recommend keeping your consent text as short as possible to reduce dropoff rate.

Modal form Activation

When you’re ready, head back to the Setup page to switch your modal form on.

Website Modal form Leads Sync

From the Destinations page, connect your CRM, email system or other integrations to sync your leads in real time.

Create a Website Modal Form - no credit card required!

For any more questions, feel free to click on the intercom chat bubble or contact us.