How to set up a LinkedIn Lead Capture

Syncing leads from your LinkedIn lead forms to your CRM system is easy with Driftrock

Setting up your LinkedIn Lead Gen form capture

To set up a LinkedIn lead capture, you'll first need to create your LinkedIn lead form. Follow our guide on how to do that here.

Once you've created your lead form, head to the Lead Capture Library in Driftrock and find the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms option, and click setup.

Next, make sure you connect LinkedIn Campaign Manager to your Driftrock account. This will allow Driftrock to see the forms you've created on LinkedIn and import leads you generate.

Once you've completed the connection, select your LinkedIn account and then the form you want to capture leads from.

Once you've selected your form, click next and head to the mapping stage. Here you'll map your form questions to Driftrock. Make sure you map every field so that they can be passed onto your lead destination.

Once you've completed your field mappings, the next step is to add your destination, which is typically a CRM or database.

You will be given the option to select a new destination where you will choose your CRM platform. Your Driftrock fields will appear, start mapping them to your CRM fields.

Once you've selected your destination, map each of your fields to your CRM. This will ensure that the relevant data gets set to the appropriate field within your CRM system. For example, you want to send any email addresses you receive to the email address field.

Once you have finished setting up your destination, click Finish. Your capture is now ready to receive leads and pass them onto your CRM system.