How to setup a Google Search Lead Form Driftrock Capture

Steps to setup a google search lead form Driftrock Capture

Log Into the Driftrock platform

  1. Once you have created your Driftrock account using the invite email. You will be greeted with this homepage.

2. Scroll down until you get to Google Lead Form Extensions for Search Ads. Click on setup. Keep this tab open

3. You will now need to open up your Google Ads account.

Google Ads

4. In Google Ads, set up a new campaign, selecting Leads as the goal, and Search as the type. Select lead form submissions as the way you’d like to achieve your goal.

5. Set up your ad as usual, until you reach the Ad extension section at the bottom of step one. From here, you'll need to select "Lead form extensions".

If prompted, accept the terms of service, then begin to create your form:

6.  Now, you'll need to connect your form to Driftrock. You'll do this by using the "webhook" lead delivery option.

7. You will now need to insert the URL found on the Driftrock platform.

Go back to the Driftrock Search Capture tab from before to continue with the setup.

8. Click on Security Settings highlighted in blue, shown above. This will redirect you to the API creation page. Click on add new API key and insert a name of your choice, for example 'Key1' or 'Mark's key' and press create.

9.Your API key will now show under the summary.

10. Now go back to the Your captures and click on the one you created before to continue with the process. Now you will have access to a Webhook URL and Key.

11. Go back to Google Ads and copy and paste the webhook URL and key shown above and press “Send test lead data”

12. Go back onto the Driftrock platform and go to the ‘setup’ tab of your capture and you should now see all the incoming fields you are asking on your Google Search form.

Mapping your Google Search Form fields to the Driftrock platform

13. Map incoming fields to Driftrock fields

You now need to map the incoming fields from your Google Search Form to a Driftrock field. Head to Map your data to start mapping the incoming fields from the source using the drop down list:

Incoming Field example:

Driftrock Field

Simply choose the most applicable field

Note: The incoming fields may change depending on your form, if you cannot see a designated DR field set up for the incoming fields, you can create a new Driftrock field.  

Send Driftrock data to CRM

The final stage is mapping the Driftrock fields to the CRM fields. Click on 'destinations'

14. Click on  Add new destination

15. Select the CRM you use.

Now your CRM will show under 'destinations' click on the settings cog.

16. The field mappings will appear, make sure you map all of the required fields before you hit save. On the right hand side, you will see all of the required fields, make sure they are all complete and the dot turns green.

Now map the Driftrock fields you mapped earlier to your CRM fields.

17. Click save once you have finished mapping.

Turn on your capture

18. Finally, turn on the sync on both the 'destinations' and 'setup' tab.