How to track Driftrock widget form submissions in Google Analytics

It's critical you can track your website lead forms and submissions to optimise your campaigns and website conversion rates.

Google Analytics works out-the-box with Driftrock lead forms and widgets.

1. Install your inline forms or lead capture widgets.

2. Ensure that you've installed Google Analytics or gtag code on your website where Driftrock forms are shown (no changes needed for Driftrock).

The tracking will work for Google Analytics v3 and v4.

3. Driftrock will automatically start send Events to Google Analytics.

You'll be able to see these events in Behaviour > Events > Top Events

event Category: "Driftrock Forms"

event Action: either form_viewed or form_submitted

event Label: The name of your Driftrock Capture (the lead form name).

4. Setup Google Analytics Goals

With the events coming through to Google Analytics, you can now add Goals to start tracking form submissions and events in your reports.

a) In Google Analytics go to Admin > Goals.

b) Create a new Goal (or edit an old one if you've run out).

c) In the Goal Description choose Event, and add your event Category, Label and Actions (It's useful to have the Behaviours > Top Events page open in a separate tab for reference).

d) Make sure you verify your new Goal using the Verify link

Tip: If you don't have any events yet, you might wish to open a browser or your mobile phone and submit the form to generate one.

5. You're done!

You should start seeing Goals in appearing in the Conversions section (below)

Tip: We really love the Acquisition Source/Medium breakdown too. If you add a column for the new Goal you have created, you can start to see your form submissions by campaign, source etc.