How to track lead submissions on your Reddit Lead Generation form

With Driftrock Reddit lead generation forms, you can track form completions and pass this data back into Reddit, allowing you to optimise your activity to form completions

How to get started

Once you have created your Reddit lead form in Driftrock, head to Reddit Ads, then navigate to the Conversions section of the dashboard.

Click Set Up Reddit Pixel and follow the steps to create your pixel. Make a note of your Advertiser ID as you go through this process (this can also be accessed again later).

Head back to your Driftrock Reddit form and navigate to the Tracking pixels section. Enter your Advertiser ID in the Reddit section.

When a user lands on your Driftrock form from your ad, Driftrock will fire a 'Page Visit' event back to Reddit Ads. When the form is completed, a 'Lead' event will be passed back to Reddit, allowing you to track completions of your form, and optimise towards this objective.

In order to see the best results from your campaign, we strongly recommend that you select the Conversions objective for your campaign. This will ensure that Reddit optimises to the actions taken on your form.