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Instagram Instant Forms Guide

Instagram Instant Forms, or Lead Ads offer an effortless experience for your customers submitting leads. The Instant Forms load instantly and are pre-filled with profile information.

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What are Instagram Lead Ads?

Instagram Lead Ads (or Instagram Instant Forms in Facebook Ads Manager), are lead forms that can be attached to your ads.

The forms load instantly, and are pre-filled with the users profile information to them save time filling out the form.

This results in great performance for marketers too. We usually see a 50% lower cost per lead compared with sending to a website landing page.

How do Instagram Instant Forms work?

  1. The user sees an ad in their Instagram News feed.
  2. They click on the call to action and a lead form loads instantly.
  3. The form is pre-filled with their profile information, or the user can add correct details.
  4. At the end of the form you can add custom disclaimers, privacy policy and multiple consent checkboxes.
  5. The customer submits the form.
  6. The lead details can be downloaded via CSV or synced to your CRM using Driftrock.

Instagram Lead Ads examples

How to create Instagram Lead Ads

Setting up in Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Login to Facebook Ads Manager to build your ad.
  2. Use the Lead Generation objective and create your campaign.
  3. Create your Lead Ads Instant Form Facebook Ads Manager or Driftrock.
  4. Set the campaign live!

Syncing to your CRM

It's critical to respond to the leads you receive right away to increase conversion rates. Driftrock enables you to sync instantly and securely to your CRM or custom system.

  1. Connect your new form to Driftrock.
  2. Driftrock automatically maps your form fields.
  3. Map the fields you would like to send to your CRM.
  4. Monitor your results and optimise your campaigns.

Tracking & optimisation

Make sure you constantly optimise and tweak your campaigns to maximise return on investment.

If you are using Driftrock to sync your leads, then you'll have a dashboard of useful reports to help you optimise for lead quality and cost.

With Driftrock it's also possible to track leads through to a purchase.

Simply connect your CRM, configure your conversion touch points, and you'll be able to optimise for downstream conversions in your Driftrock reports.

Do Instagram Lead Ads work? What results you can expect

Instagram Lead Ads are a great way to drive lower cost leads from your social media advertising campaigns.

  • Our clients we typically see a 50% lower cost per lead compared to sending through to a website landing page.
  • Be mindful of lead quality. It's likely that you'll see a lower lead quality unless you ask the right questions and communicate your value proposition clearly.
  • Like any marketing channel, make sure you optimise for cost per lead and purchase over time.

How do I optimise Instagram Lead Ads?

Here s a few quick tips to get you started:

  • The few questions you ask, the lower the cost.
  • However, with Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads, adding more questions won't increase costs a huge amount - the algorithm seeks people more likely to fill out your form.
  • Make it clear what they customer is signing up for and ask qualification questions to ensure good quality.
  • Turn on the setting to enable confirmation if you are struggling with lead quality.
  • Remember that the user only has the ad and the form to understand why they should sign up, so make sure you communicate the value clearly.
  • Follow up as soon as possible. You can see as much as a 9X increase in conversion rates if you respond within 5 minutes.

The Driftrock team is also on hand to help you optimise your campaigns.

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