Driving a 14X increase in enquiries for BT Group

June 6, 2022

The Challenge

Prior to working with Driftrock, BT had faced challenges scaling their lead generation efforts across their Social Channels for BTnet and Cloud Voice. Additionally, they were keen to understand the value that Facebook and LinkedIn in particular were delivering to the business.

They were looking for a lead generation partner who could integrate with their existing CRM systems, helping them capture, track and report on campaign lead performance in real time, and use these insights to optimise paid activity.

The Solution

An integration was built between Driftrock and the BT CRM system, making it possible for leads to be captured from Facebook and LinkedIn in real time and passed onto the sales team for review.

With Driftrock reporting and their own internal tools, BT were able to monitor the lead qualification process and get a clear understanding of the value that the two social channels Facebook and LinkedIn were delivering to the business.

The Results

  • Through a successful partnership and data integration, BT were able to drive a 14X increase in leads for BTnet and Cloud Voice
  • Leads are captured, tracked and processed in real time, making it easier for optimisations to take place
  • With improved reporting now available, they were able to see how many leads went on to become sales and establish a clear incremental ROI benefit of running native lead ads with a Driftrock integration

These results acted as a foundation for further channel expansion, helping drive further growth and improvements in lead generation efficiency.

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