Facebook Ads Tips: Optimize for link clicks

November 7, 2017
 Facebook Marketing Tips - Link Clicks

Facebook Marketing Tips for Getting Conversions

Facebook have released an awesome new feature which addresses the drawbacks that can be associated with a fresh campaign.

As we've discussed previously, optimizing to conversions is the most effective way to get the results you want from your campaign.

If you are looking for purchases, then optimizing your campaign to purchases makes total sense. But in order for Facebook to be able to optimize your campaign, it needs enough previous conversion data to optimize to. Facebook recommend at least 10-20 conversions per day. One of our key Facebook marketing tips is to ensure you reach at least 10 conversions per day.

But what if you aren't reaching those kinds of numbers? At Driftrock, we recommend moving your objective to be something higher up the funnel. For instance, you could instead optimize to 'Add to Carts', if you are getting the required 10-20 per day.

How about if you aren't even reaching enough Add to Carts? This can often be the case with a new campaign, and indeed you may have no previous conversion data to speak of.

Until now, we would setup a campaign to optimize to link clicks, until we have enough conversion data. With a fresh campaign, the goal is to just get people to your website, and into your sales funnel, so that your pixel can start to build up some data.

Fortunately for advertisers, Facebook have now simplified this process.

Click the slider in your ad setup for "Optimize for link clicks until there is enough data to optimize for conversions. This can help improve results."

You also have the option of optimizing purely to link clicks, until the campaign has enough conversion data. This is under the "Extended" option:

"Optimize for link clicks until the ad set gets sufficient data about who is likely to convert, then use conversions. More budget can be used for link clicks, and the full budget may be spent."

We love this feature, and it's another piece of the puzzle that should be included in your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

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