LinkedIn introduces two new lead gen features

January 2, 2018

We at Driftrock are very excited to share with you some brand new developments to lead generation on LinkedIn! The great success of Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn has prompted them to expand their lead gen capabilities to more LinkedIn products, including Sponsored InMail and Dynamic Ads, and we’re going to take you through this now.

Introducing Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail is an effective tool that allows marketers to send members personalised messages to drive leads. Previously, when a user opened a Sponsored InMail they would have to go to a landing page in order to fill out their details, adding an extra step to the lead generation process. This extra step caused a drop off, despite the strong open rates of Sponsored InMail. Lead Gen Forms for Sponsored InMail removes this extra step, allowing users to submit quality lead data to marketers such as their name, email address, job title, company and other details from their LinkedIn profile.

In addition, LinkedIn has introduced custom questions on Lead Gen Forms for both Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content campaigns. You can now add up to 3 custom questions to your form, including a blank field for open ended questions.

Introducing a new way to collect leads with Dynamic Ads

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads allow marketers to create relevant and engaging campaigns which are customizable to the target audience, featuring their name, profile picture, job title or company. LinkedIn’s new Dynamic Ads lead gen format enables you to generate leads directly from the ad. The user can submit their full name and primary email address to you without having to manually type it in, making their experience much easier and reducing drop off. This new format also permits the user to download content, such as an e-book or brochure, to their desktop directly from the ad itself instead of having to go off-site.

Time to try these awesome new features out for yourself!

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