How to setup Meta Conversion Leads Optimization

Start automatically optimizing for high quality leads and sales from Facebook lead ads!

  • Get more customers by easily adding new sources.
  • Route quality leads directly to your teams.
  • Hit targets for customer lead generation & vehicle sales.
  • Remove manual tasks & need for developer resource.

Lead Management

Tracking lead customer data made simple

  • Track top-of-funnel website conversions.
  • Track end-to-end 'offline' conversions from your CRM.
  • Optimize Campaigns.
  • Get trusted ROI reporting data.

How to setup Meta Conversion Leads Optimization

Start automatically optimizing for high quality leads and sales from Facebook lead ads!
Meta Conversion Leads Optimization
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Why use Conversion Leads Optimization in your Lead Ads campaigns?

Meta Conversion Leads Optimization helps you optimise Facebook lead ads campaigns for conversions and quality automatically using the algorithm!

Optimize for sales, not leads

Automatically optimize your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns for conversions and high quality leads rather than just leads.

Set and forget

Once you have setup your leads conversion funnel, you can let Meta do the hard work, optimizing campaigns. No more spreadsheets and manual optimization!

Full-funnel visibility

By using the Meta Conversions API and Driftrock lead tracking, you'll also have full visibility of which leads go on to buy as a bonus feature for future campaign planning.

Driftrock is the easiest way to setup Meta Conversion Leads Optimization

As well as managing CRM conversions, with Driftrock you can add valid leads and qualified leads to your conversion funnel without any complex integrations required.

Step 1

Connect your Meta Instant Forms to your CRM using Driftrock

By using Driftrock to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your CRM, it makes setting up Conversion Leads Optimization simple!

Driftrock automatically stores the Meta Lead ID and makes it simple to do conversion matching from your CRM using the Driftrock single customer view.

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Step 2

Enable lead validation with a click

One of the essential signals to help Meta optimize your lead ads campaigns is whether the lead is valid.

Driftrock automatically validates email, phone and address and sends 'valid leads' signals back to Meta CAPI to use in Conversion Leads Optimization.

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Step 3

Connect your CRM conversions to Meta via Driftrock

Driftrock makes it easy to send your CRM conversions back to Meta CAPI for building your conversion funnel.

Unlike other integrators, Driftrock builds a single customer view, adding options for matching. For example, sending conversions to Meta without personal data or issues flowing through the Meta lead id.

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Learn more about it here:
Step 4

Configure your Leads Optimization funnel in Meta Ads Manager

Once you are sending back raw leads and your lead funnel conversion steps, you can configure your Meta Leads Funnel in Meta Ads Manager. This tells Meta the order each conversion is expected to occur in and therefore the progressive value of the lead.

Meta will optimize as low funnel as possible depending on how much data you have for each step. Even just optimizing for things like Valid Leads will help increase lead quality.

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