Driftrock Website Lead Capture forms

A Guide to Driftrock Website Lead Capture forms

Your website is an untapped goldmine of people interested in your product or service.

Driftrock lead generation forms help you convert visitors to leads.

You can choose from:

1. Website Banner Form

Website Banner Form

2. Website Inline Form

Website Inline Form

3. Website Modal Form

Website Modal Form

4. Website Landing Page Form

Website Landing Page Form

How to set up a Website lead form?

1. Login or Sign Up to your Driftrock account.

2. Go to the Driftrock lead capture library in the left navigation bar.

3. Browse the library and to create a form click on the setup button.

4. Follow the wizard. Usually, the steps in the wizard are:

- Naming your Capture and Form

-Building the form. 

- Optional: You can add any additional fields or marketing tracking you want.

- Select and set up your destination.

- Review and Done!

Driftrock library helps you discover new sources to boost your lead volume. Additionally, you’ll find best practice tips and tricks to get the most out of each source. 

For any more questions, feel free to click on the intercom chat bubble or contact us.

Have fun exploring Driftrock! 🤘

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