How to add a tag to your Driftrock leads

By tagging your Driftrock leads or adding marketing information, it can make it easier to identify your leads in your CRM system

Here's how to add a tag to your Driftrock leads.

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Step 1: 

Go to your capture page and then click the Setup tab. 

Step 2: 

Scroll down to Advanced Settings and find the Hidden Fields.

Click to “+Add additional field” to create a new field for your tag. In the “Value to send” section you can add your campaign name, marketing channel or any value you would like to send with each lead. 

And then select “Add a custom field” in the dropdown list to name your tag. 

Step 4: 

Go to Destinations tab > Settings

You will see all the available fields including the new tag you just created. 

Map your tag field to your CRM platform by picking the most appropriate field for this tag to go into. And “Save”.

Typically platforms require this to be either a tag or a source field that will help you identify the leads and apply them to any particular workflows that you may have established. 

For marketing tracking purposes, Driftrock offers alternative solutions in the Marketing Tracking tab in the Setup of your capture, allowing you to enter further Source, Campaign, Medium, Content and Keyword information.