Social advertising for Intercom

Leverage Intercom to acquire, nurture and convert customers from LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.

Intercom is the ultimate communication platform to reach your customers across their entire lifecycle. However, email and in-app messaging is a fraction of the time spent online. 1 in every 4 minutes spent on mobile is on Facebook & Instagram.

It's critical to reach your customers, and acquire new ones through social, and your Intercom database gives you an massive unfair advantage!

At Driftrock, we help you leverage your Intercom database to acquire, nurture and convert from social advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our clients like BMW, eCornnell and Coke leverage the Driftrock platform to:

  • Lower cost per lead
  • Increase downstream conversion to sale
  • Scale thousands of social campaigns


Acquire new leads from social advertising.

Driftrock Acquire provides the ultimate Intercom companion for acquiring customers from social ads platforms. With a click of a button, you can generate and sync leads from Facebook lead ads and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to Intercom.

Key Features

  • Create and deploy lead ads campaigns to Facebook, with out-the-box sync to Intercom.
  • Securely, reliably sync your Facebook and LinkedIn leads to Intercom.
  • Add any Intercom custom fields you like to your leads, including Intercom Tags.
  • Quickly map your lead data to Intercom to make sure you never miss a lead.
  • Optionally, transform your lead data before sending to Intercom e.g "product name" > "ID92hf83".
  • Intercom works out-the-box, for super fast setup!


Extend your Intercom messages to Facebook & Instagram

By extending your Intercom email campaigns, you can increase downstream conversion of your Customer Segments by as much as 54%.

Key Features

  • Sync all your Intercom Segments to Facebook & Instagram every 3-hours.
  • Match your drip marketing programs on Facebook.
  • Automatically add exclusion audiences based on customers who have converted.
  • Create and automatically update hundreds of Lookalike audiences from Intercom Customer Segments.

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