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Quickly create lead gen landing pages to increase conversion rates from your marketing channels.

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What are Lead Generation landing pages?

Driftrock Lead Generation landing pages are designed for high performance paid media marketing campaigns, giving the ability to track every click to lead, all the way to downstream purchase.

With these landing pages you can see up to 30% reduction in cost per lead versus standard website landing pages, helping you get a better return from your media budget.

The landing pages are fast to build, simple to use, and offer advanced tracking helping you improve lead quality and boost lead volume.

How do Lead Generation landing pages work?

When a user visits your Lead Generation landing page, they'll have the option of entering their information into a range of different fields which are defined by you, for example, name, email address and postcode.

Once they have entered their details and click submit, this information is passed onto your CRM platform in real time, helping you follow up on the lead quickly.

You can make unique landing pages for all channels in your marketing campaign, making it easy to track performance and optimise towards those driving the best return.

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How do I create Lead Generation landing pages?

To create your Lead Generation landing pages, login to the Driftrock platform and select Driftrock Smart Lead Forms from the lead capture experiences library.

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