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TikTok Lead Generation Ads Guide

TikTok lead generation forms are a native lead generation form that saves the customer time and drives more lead.

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An introduction to TikTok Lead Generation

TikTok’s new Lead Generation format is designed to help you capture leads from highly targeted audiences at scale. 

For brands with a presence on TikTok, this can be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and bringing new customers on board in a more effective way.

In this guide, we’ll show you briefly how the new TikTok Lead Generation tool works and how you can get started with it.

What are TikTok Lead Generation forms?

TikTok hasglobal users and counting, making it a rich resource for connecting with new customers and growing your brand online.

The new Lead Generation feature announced in April 2021 is a first-party solution built to help businesses reach customers on TikTok and increase their conversions. It allows brands to share important details about what they’re offering — based on what their customers want to see and learn about. 

TikTok’s Lead Generation format displays a pre-filled lead generation form natively, where customers can choose the kind of information they want to share about themselves.

Like other native lead form ads, this results in lower cost leads and a great customer experience.

TikTok Lead Generation Ad Examples

TikTok Ad Example
TikTok Ad Example
TikTok Ad Example
TikTok Ad Example
TikTok Ad Example

How do TikTok Lead Generation forms work?

TikTok’s Lead Generation feature allows users to complete a form with personal details like their name, email, and phone number. They can omit anything they choose, and the goal is for them to signal interest in a certain product or service.

This allows businesses to capture highly targeted, opted-in leads at scale. Once leads have opted in, they can be downloaded manually or integrated with a CRM (with tools like Driftrock) and immediately activated.

How to create TikTok Lead Generation ads

TikTok’s Lead Gen ads take the form of an instant form connected to an in-feed video ad.

When you publish this ad, it’ll show up in your audience’s feed, and if they tap the CTA in your ad they’ll be shown a form where they can share information, answer questions, schedule an appointment, or other actions.

This form can be fully customized, giving you control over what information you collect. Here’s how it works.

Creating a campaign, ad group, and ad level

There are three stages to building a TikTok Lead Gen ad.

Create an ad campaign

To get started, sign in to the TikTok advertising dashboard and navigate to Advertising Objective and Lead Generation. Complete your campaign level selections and click continue.

Create an ad group

When you build your ad group, your options are placement (which is currently only TikTok as no other apps support the Lead Gen feature yet), targeting (choose which demographics to target), and bidding & optimisation.

Ad level

Once you have created an ad group, you’ll need to build the ad itself. For Lead Generation campaigns, ads consist of a video, ad details (like text and a CTA), and an instant form for your prospect to fill out. Here’s how to create your ad:

  1. Choose an ad name
  2. Add your video to the ad, either by hitting upload, from library, or create
  3. Enter your ad details. This includes a display name, any text, a CTA, and a profile image
  4. Now it’s time to build an instant form to link to your CTA.
There are several options here:
  1. Click create to make a new form
  2. Copy an existing form to re-use or update
  3. Edit a form that has already been completed
  4. Add any third-party tracking links
  5. Submit your finished ad and form

Connect TikTok Instant Lead Forms to your CRM

With Driftrock, you can integrate your CRM with TikTok Lead Generation forms, allowing you to respond to new leads immediately and boost your conversion rates as much as possible. Here’s how:

  1. Connect your form to Driftrock
  2. Your form fields will be mapped and cleaned into Driftrock
  3. Map the fields you want to send to your CRM — what info do you want to collect?
  4. Track the data you collect and optimise your campaigns to get even better results with Driftrock live reporting.

TikTok is a goldmine for today’s digital marketers and any brand with an online presence. You can tap into a vast and growing audience that spans most of the globe and is populated mainly by young people.

TikTok’s Lead Generation feature allows you to connect with your customers and tailor ads to them in a more ethical, seamless, and effective way than traditional data collection. Your leads opt-in, and you’re able to provide highly relevant offers without annoying them or threatening their privacy.

To learn more about how Driftrock can help you use the new TikTok Lead Generation feature and optimise your results, sign up for free!

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